Very Light Jet Training

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SFP is proud to offer mentoring in the Citation Mustang, Citation CJ, Phenom 100 and the Eclipse 500.  Mentoring is modeled after Airline IOE (Initial Operating Experience) training.  After completion of your type rating, you are paired with one our experienced instructors for a specific period of time (Determined by experience and insurance requirements).  During mentoring, you gain invaluable exposure to flying the aircraft in “real life” scenarios.  Operations at your home airport, challenging weather, jet operations, and single pilot flying is all covered in a stress-free, enjoyable environment.  Feel free to use this time for business and pleasure trips.  After completion of the type-rating process, this is your time to truly enjoy your aircraft. 

Phenom 100 training


With access to a Designated Pilot Examiner, SFP offers pre-type rating and type rating training in the Embraer Phenom 100. We train to ATP standards while teaching professional pilot techniques to operate the aircraft in the safest most efficient way possible.  Whether your desire is to gain invaluable experience in the actual aircraft prior to simulator training, or to have a type rating course tailored to you, SFP is the solution to your VLJ training requirements.  All too often the VLJ owner-pilot is ignored in the training process and left with a “one size fits all” approach to training.  At SFP, we cater the training to your schedule, your location, and your needs.

Pilot Services

SFP offers pilot services for your staffing needs for the Citation Mustang, Citation CJ, Embraer Phenom 100 and the Eclipse 500.  Our high time, experienced instructors can easily fulfill any insurance requirements and are available for FAR Part 91 flying.  Furthermore, we bring an unparalleled professionalism with a focus on safety, comfort, and cost-savings.  SFP takes pride in our ability to operate the aircraft in an efficient, safe manner, while allowing our passengers to experience the joy and convenience of personal jet travel.

 Phenom VLJ Training


With over 60 years of combined aviation experience SFP offers consulting services in the VLJ market.  We offer training program construction and assistance with establishing a flight department.




"A pilot's addiction is the freedom to separate ourselves from the ground; To make the world smaller by moving fast and navigating in straight lines; To experience the perspective our feathery friends have enjoyed for millions of years; To constantly challenge ourselves with our flying machines; And, when it is time to come back to reality, we get the pleasure of constantly pursuing perfection during the most rewarding part of the flight...the landing."