Very Light Jet Training

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I became an Eclipse 500 owner a year earlier than planned, took delivery almost immediately, and waited 75 days to attend simulator based training and testing. During those 75 days I flew 50 hours with Dom and an additional FAA required 25 hours post type certificate with Dom as my first Turbo-jet type rating. A friend recommended Dom and I was very pleased with the 75 hours I spent with Dom between June and October 2008. Dom is a real professional pilot, a great teacher who modifies his expectations and style to the individual needs of the client, and manages to press you to learn as much, and work as hard and as long in the day, as the student can handle, and manage effectively. I recommend Dom without reservation.,,Jon McMurtrie,Eclipse 199

I can wholeheartedly endorse and recommend VLJMentoring to any vlj pilot requiring assistance getting type rated,  after type rated mentoring or recurrent training.   Dom Ruscitti is a consummate professional who's style and mannerism in the cockpit lends itself to a stress free, confident learning experience.    Dom provided me common sense training situations in the cockpit that I have utilized over and over again in my single pilot jet flying.   In my opinion, one could not find a better mentor. - Greg Scott, Eclipse 500 S type rating


“Professionalism, Work Ethic, Dedication and Enjoyment are the best descriptions I can use to explain the pleasure it is to work with these two men.  I have worked with Adam and Dom for the past 3 years and enjoyed every minute of it.  In my Air Force and airline flying career I have found very few people that take such pride in their job and can make for a such a fantastic learning environment.” – Jeff Kaney CEO Kaney Aerospace


Dear Dom,

Thank you for letting me know that you and Adam are continuing to provide training for pilots transitioning to VLJ’s.  Your future customers will be glad they wisely chose your firm for training.

My partner and I own Eclipse Serial number 10.   As you know, my early experiences training with Eclipse were difficult.  I pretty certain that I was the very first “private pilot” they had encountered.  (or dreaded… who knows!)   In those very first weeks they were dealing primarily with mentor pilots (who invariably were retired airline pilots) and a couple of ATP’s who had previous type ratings, usually Citations, and had been hired by non-pilot owners.  Added to that brew was that this was an entirely new aircraft with here-to-fore unseen avionics, and the trainers were pilots of various descriptions who had no previous experience with a company such as Flight Safety, and you can imagine the difficulties.  Well, maybe you can’t.  After traveling to Albuquerque and spending a week at the training facility they shut it down and sent everyone home so that they could re-assess their syllabus and their staff.   I was devastated.  I had 5 hours in the aircraft, and it stayed behind at ABQ.

I had yet another trip to Albuquerque in October, with somewhat similar results.  Still no simulator, slightly better organization, but too few resources and trainers and too much to cover, especially in the middle of the Balloon Fiesta.  I came home. 

Then my friend Van suggested that I call you.  You came to St. Pete and – believe me – it was like bringing water to a lost soul in the desert.  Where Eclipse had trainers with widely disparate capabilities, you were rock solid.  Where Eclipse had mountains of books, you sat with me in the cockpit and made things seem simple.  I remember distinctly one time when you said, “You are making this too complicated.   All you have to do is check these five things…..”  and suddenly it all made sense.

Your ability to reduce needlessly complicated thoughts and instructions into rational, straightforward thought processes were key to me being able to learn from the fire hose of information that was coming at me.  Because of you, your tireless effort, and your willingness to work on my schedule at a pace that I could manage, the mystique of the Eclipse systems and avionics began to make sense to me.  You are the reason I not only passed the check ride, but got an ATP in the process.  

Thank you so much for your leadership and patience….


Bud Risser