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The Very Light Jet (VLJ) industry has created a new paradigm in aviation.  Technology and affordability have made owning a small jet for many owner/operators a reality.  However, the challenges of flying these highly complex aircraft requires professional training by knowledgeable and experience instructors.  At SFP, we are leading the way in VLJ mentoring and training.  With nearly 40,000 hours combined flight time, you can be certain our instructors will prepare and train you for the challenges of flying your VLJ while making your transition an enjoyable experience.  We are insurance approved instructors for the Phenom 100.

NEW! We are now offering training in the Citation Mustang and Citation CJ aircraft.

Our Mission

Phenom VLJ TrainingTo provide professional, personalized instruction to Very Light Jet owner/operators and pilots, and treat them with the highest level of dignity and respect. 




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